Drinking and Pairing Xynomavro with Food

Xynomavro [zee-noh-MA-vro] is the workhorse red grape of Greece, producing a wide variety of wines ranging from chewy, tannic reds to fruity rosés. Often compared to Nebbiolo but more deeply colored, with firm tannins and bright acidity. It can be produced traditionally by fermenting in neutral oak or even walnut barrels, or in a modern style by aging in French oak barrels. The wine can be consumed young but develops complexity and character with age. A young Xynomavro from Naousa or Amyntaio will show sour cherry, plum skin, crushed berry, and fresh herbs.

Xynomavro would make a lively pairing with herb-crusted pork loin, grilled lamb kabobs, or ratatouille. A more mature wine will show more dried fruit and begin to develop meaty olive, tomato, and tobacco flavors. It's a great pairing with savory Moussaka, braised beef, or lamb stew. 

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Greek cuisine

Foods cooked via Roast/Bake

Savory dishes