Drinking and Pairing Vouvray with Food

Vouvray is a winegrowing region in the sub-district of Touraine located in the very heart of the Loire Valley of France. Vouvray is an all-white AOC made exclusively from Chenin Blanc but in a wide variety of styles, ranging from nobly sweet to bone dry, and from still to sparkling. The predominant soil type is tuffeau, a soft limestone with high clay content. Though there are a variety of styles of wines produced, this ancient, calcified tuffeau provides a distinctive mineral signature to them all. In addition to this minerality, Vouvray shows quince and baked apples, and notes of almond.

Dry versions are a sophisticated choice with white fish, veal or chicken. Sweet Vouvray has a charming, luscious freshness that makes it a great match with fruit served with crème anglaise or a cheese course with camembert or even stronger flavored cheeses.

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Vouvray pairs well with:

Dark Fish

Firm/Aged Cheese

African cuisine

Foods cooked via Poach/Steam

Fatty dishes