Drinking and Pairing Viognier with Food

Viognier is the yellow-colored, highly aromatic white wine grape of France's northern Rhône, where it is responsible for producing the difficult-to-find dry white wine of Condrieu, and the even rarer Château Grillet. Up to 20% Viognier is permitted in red wine Côte Rôtie, which is also located in the northern Rhône. The wine's scarcity often makes these delicious oak-aged, peach, and apricot-scented white wines relatively expensive. The Languedoc-Roussillon, U.S., and Australia are producing more affordable and more easily found Viogniers, but these are often produced in stainless steel tanks, giving them a crisper character.

Viognier has a full body and rich texture with just-medium acidity, resulting in a wine which compliments creamy sauces, mild white fish, and simply prepared pork.

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  • A Varietal
  • Prominent in the Condrieu appelation.

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Viognier pairs well with:

Light Fish

Dried Fruits

Southern cuisine

Foods cooked via Broil

Served Cold dishes