Drinking and Pairing Vin Santo with Food

Vin Santo (holy wine) is a rare, sweet passito-style dessert wine, tasting of almonds and honey. It is produced in several Italian wine regions, but is most often seen in Tuscany where it is produced by drying Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes in rafters (the "passito" process) before fermenting and aging in small wooden casks for three to eight years. These casks are not touched until bottling, when some of the wine evaporates, allowing for a slow oxidation, giving the wine its amber hue and nutty character. The finished style of Vin Santo may be off-dry or quite sweet. Fortified Vin Santo is labeled "liquoroso."

The classic pairing with Vin Santo is biscotti, especially those known as cantuccini. Cantuccini are a specialty of Prato near Florence where "cantucci e vin santo" is commonly served as a digestivo after coffee. These special biscotti are loaded with egg yolks, making them dense and ideal for dipping into a tumbler of Vin Santo.

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