Drinking and Pairing Vin Jaune with Food

Vin Jaune is the famous "yellow wine" produced in the Jura region in east-central France. Vin Jaune undergoes a process similar to fino sherry in that it ages in cask under a voile (veil) of flor-like yeast for six years, protecting the wine from oxidation.  The result is a wine that achieves a nutty richness and is highly complex. Vin Jaune is made primarily from the white Savagnin grape variety and the tiny AOC of Château-Chalon produces some of the best known Vin Jaunes.  Unlike Sherry, Vin Jaune is not fortified. 

Pair Vin Jaune with chicken in a cream sauce garnished with mushrooms.  Comté, the hard cow's milk cheese also produced in this region, is Vin Jaune's classic partner. 

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