Drinking and Pairing Vermentino with Food

Vermentino is the dry, crisp, and herbal white wine of the Mediterranean Islands of Corsica and Sardegna, as well as the Ligurian/Tuscan coastline of Italy. The basil and pine nut aromas of Vermentino taste almost as if the wine was predestined for the pesto for which Liguria is famous. Vermentinos are light and crisp with a tinge of color, sharing many characteristics with the Malvasia grape to which some experts believe Vermentino is related. It is relatively inexpensive and was always intended as a fish wine.

Vermentino is excellent with cioppino, calamari, and simply prepared white fish.

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Vermentino pairs well with:

Light Fish


Japanese cuisine

Foods cooked via Poach/Steam

Served Cold dishes