Drinking and Pairing Tokaji with Food

Tokaji Aszú is the famous sweet dessert wine of Hungary produced near the town of Tokaj.  The wines are made primarily from the white Furmint grape variety which is highly susceptible to botrytis (noble rot) which dehydrates the grapes and concentrates their sugars.  Tokaji Aszú can be purchased in a number of styles with Tokay Essencia being the rarest, the lowest in alcohol, and the most sweet. Wines labeled as Tokaji Aszú will have their sweetness level indicated on the bottles. This is measured in puttonyos with three, four, and five puttonyos being the most common.  The more puttonyos the sweeter the wine.

Tokaji Aszú is excellent with foie gras and blue-veined cheeses where it acts as a counterbalance to those foods' richness and saltiness.  Tokaji Aszú can also be excellent with custards as well as fruits containing fruit and caramel.

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