Drinking and Pairing Silvaner with Food

Silvaner, aka Sylvaner in Alsace, is a widely planted white grape variety in Germany and is a specialty of Germany's Franken region. Sylvaner is also an important varietal in Alsace and was recently elevated to "noble" status when it was decided that the vineyard of Zotzenberg could use the designation of Grand Cru when it produces wine from the Sylvaner grape. Silvaner typically produces dry wines that are light and soft with moderate aroma and good acidity. Silvaner can become much more textural and spicy in the best vineyards of Franken and Alsace, and the wines from the Zotzenberg site have proven to be particularly impressive.

Pair Silvaner with tarte flambée, bratwurst, or simple preparations of chicken or fish.

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Dark Fish


Indian cuisine

Foods cooked via Broil

Spicy dishes