Drinking and Pairing Santorini with Food

Santorini is a Greek island known for its breathtaking beauty and thriving tourist industry. It is part of the Aegean archipelago, and also home to a small but flourishing wine industry based on the indigenous Assyrtiko grape. Assyrtiko is trained in little nests, hugging the porous, ash-rich soil of a dormant volcano which protects the vine and its fruit from the strong winds of the Aegean sea. The resulting white wine is top-quality, full-bodied, and has a tendency to have higher alcohol levels. Although Santorini's climate features warm weather and intense sunlight, Assyrtiko yields a wine that is very dry with high acidity. Santorini is also famous for its vegetables, and the cuisine of the island centers around classic Mediterranean ingredients such as fava beans, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, white egg plant, capers, almonds, and fresh cheeses akin to feta.

Assyrtiko's signature high acidity makes it a wonderful partner with vinaigrettes and the sharp flavors of certain vegetables. It is perhaps the ultimate partner to classic Greek salads and simple Greek tavern fare.

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Light Fish


Japanese cuisine

Foods cooked via Raw

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