Drinking and Pairing Roussanne with Food

Roussanne is a white grape variety traditionally associated with the white wines produced in the Northern Rhône region of France, such as Hermitage and St-Joseph Blanc. The high-acid, aromatic, and elegant Roussanne is almost always blended with the fatter, fuller-bodied Marsanne grape to produce these white wines, and the two are even permitted in blends of the red wines of that region as well. It is occasionally encountered in the U.S. and Australia as a varietal wine. At its best, these wines show big, rich flavors of apples, apricots, and almonds.

Serve Roussanne with white meat such as roasted chicken, Blanquette of veal, or fish.

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Roussanne pairs well with:

Light Fish


Japanese cuisine

Foods cooked via Poach/Steam

Served Cold dishes