Drinking and Pairing Mourvèdre with Food

Mourvèdre [moor-VEH-druh], aka Mataró in Australia, is the deeply colored, blackberry-scented, spicy, and herbal red grape found extensively in California, Australia, and southern France. The wine is tannic, high in acidity, and occasionally astringent, and is therefore most frequently used as a component in blends. The Provençal region of Bandol is perhaps the variety's best known incarnation, where 50% Mourvèdre is required. It is also used in blends of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, with a few producers touting high percentages of Mourvèdre as a mark of distinction. In Spain, Mourvèdre can be found in the wines of Jumilla, and can be found in Australia in wines labeled as "GSM" (Grenache, Shiraz, Mataró). There are a few quality producers of Mourvèdre in California as well.

Pair Mourvèdre wines with full-flavored red meat or game that has been grilled or roasted, and earthy vegetables and herbs such as wild mushrooms and thyme baked in parchment.

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  • A Varietal
  • Prominent in the Bandol appelation.
  • Prominent in the Jumilla appelation.

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Mourvèdre pairs well with:

Game Meats


Calif./Mediterr. cuisine

Foods cooked via Roast/Bake

Fatty dishes