Drinking and Pairing Jumilla with Food

Jumilla is a winegrowing region situated in the Levante region of southeastern Spain. It is known for strong, dark-colored red wines, although there has been an emphasis on lower alcohols in recent years. Monastrell (Mourvèdre) is the main grape grown and the vines of Jumilla have never been affected by the root louse phylloxera, making it unique among European winegrowing regions. In Jumilla, the Monastrell grape is often blended with Garnacha and Cencibel (Tempranillo), giving a wine that can be somewhat gamy, almost animally, with lots of black fruit and decent acidity.

Pair Jumilla with roast meats or stews of beef, cabbage, and chickpeas.

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Jumilla pairs well with:

Game Meats


Spanish/Portugese cuisine

Foods cooked via Roast/Bake

Fatty dishes