Drinking and Pairing Gewurztraminer with Food

Gewürztraminer (spelled without the umlaut in Alsace) is the dry to off-dry, low to medium acidity, highly aromatic white grape variety of Alsace, Alto Adige, Germany, and New Zealand. Gewürztraminer can be found in other New World winegrowing regions such as California and Australia, but the grape variety's tendency towards low acidity and high alcohol make it better suited to cooler climates. Gewürztraminer was thought to have originated in Alto Adige, Italy, where some of the best examples can still be found. But for many wine enthusiasts, the pinnacle is Alsatian Gewurtzraminer, where it is known as one of the five "noble" varietals.

Despite the variety's low acidity and high alcohol, Gewurztraminer's high glycerin and fruity bouquet make it ideal with certain foods. It is an excellent contrast to foie gras and other pâtés, and is classic with tarte à l'oignon (French onion tart), another Alsatian specialty.

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Dark Fish


Indian cuisine

Foods cooked via Broil

Spicy dishes

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