Drinking and Pairing Friulano with Food

Friulano, formerly known as Tocai Friulano, is a white grape variety of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Although Friuli has a good reputation for the white wines it produces from other varietals, it is the Friulano grape that is by far the most important to the region. The grape has been identified as a relative of the French varietal Sauvignon Blanc, but that doesn't stop the Friulano people from claiming it as their own. Friulano has a light golden color, and is laced with apple, peach, and floral aromas and flavors.

Friulano's acidity and texture make it a versatile food wine, pairing well with antipasti, fish, and poultry. Its classic pairing partner, Prosciutto San Daniele, is a perfect example of how opposites can make perfect pairs: salty ham flavor cleansed by tastes of apples, minerals, and acidity.

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Friulano pairs well with:


Young/Mild Cheese

Calif./Mediterr. cuisine

Foods cooked via Cured

Savory dishes