Drinking and Pairing Dolcetto with Food

Dolcetto is a purplish red wine with aromas of mulberry, licorice, and occasionally almond, and is found mainly in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. Dolcetto translates as "little sweet one," and while Dolcettos are certainly fruity, they are quite dry and tend to show less acidity and lower tannins than Piedmont's other red grapes. This is why Dolcetto is traditionally poured at the table before Barbera and Nebbiolo. These medium alcohol wines are intended for early drinking, and along with Barbera, are consumed habitually by the Piedmontese people. There are several DOCs in Piedmont for Dolcetto, with Dolcetto d'Alba being the easiest to find. Dolcetto di Dogliani has carved out a reputation for its particularly silky style and Dolcetto di Diano enjoys an elevated reputation as well.

Drink Dolcetto young, cool, and with antipasti. A classic food pairing is Carne Cruda, the finely chopped raw veal dish of Piedmont.

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