Drinking and Pairing Condrieu with Food

Condrieu is a miniscule appellation located in the northern Rhône region of France. These golden-hued, aromatic, dry white wines are made entirely from the Viognier grape and are grown on extremely steep slopes. Condrieu is a wine of highly concentrated fruit with aromas and flavors of apricot and peaches. Because it is often aged in oak, its tree-fruit aromas are accented by aromas of vanilla bean, toast, and caramel. Condrieu is also a full-bodied wine and of medium acidity, making its exotic bouquet all the more unusual. Viognier is a notoriously difficult grape to cultivate and the wines are made in tiny quantities, meaning they are quite expensive and highly sought after by savvy consumers.

Due to the wine's higher alcohol, substantial weight, and lower acidity, pairing Condrieu with food can be challenging. One strategy is to play off of the wine's oakiness by pairing it with grilled white fish, or foods garnished with toasted nuts. Ham and other pork dishes are nicely accented by Viognier, but take care that the preparation isn't too sweet. Be cautious of foods containing spicy heat as this will surely make Condrieu's alcohol seem even more pronounced.

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Condrieu pairs well with:

Light Fish

Dried Fruits

Japanese cuisine

Foods cooked via Broil

Served Cold dishes