Drinking and Pairing Campanian White with Food

The category of Campanian Whites consists of Falanghina, Greco di Tufo, and Fiano di Avellino. All three wines are dry, crisp, and medium-bodied white wines from Campania and the Naples region of southern Italy. Falanghina is lemony and fruity, while Greco Di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino display more minerality and tend to have a bit more richness.

All three of these wines are quite dry and possess crisp, lemony acidity that pairs well with greens dressed in citrus vinaigrette and other vegetables such as eggplants, zucchini, peppers, and herbs. All three of these Campanian Whites make excellent accompaniments to seafood, but Greco di Tufo in particular pairs wonderfully with calamari and sautéed prawns. Tangy pecorino and mozzarella di bufala cheeses are also natural partners with Campanian white wines.

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