Drinking and Pairing Barbera with Food

Barbera is a purplish-pink red wine from Piedmont featuring cherry and raspberry aromas. The towns of Alba and Asti produce the best Barbera examples. Barberas possess soft tannins, have a medium body, and are known for their high acidity. Barbera is second only to Sangiovese when it comes to red wine production in Italy, and is sometimes referred to as "the people's wine," because it is the wine most frequently drank by the Piemontese, and drank with the widest range of foods.

Barbera's trademark high acidity makes it ideal for rich Piemontese cuisine such as tajarìn pasta or polenta with meat ragù, or even for sharp sauces such as bagna cauda, the traditional antipasti warm dipping sauce made from anchovy and olive oil.

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