Drinking and Pairing Bandol with Food

Bandol is a winegrowing region located near Marseille in Provence on the Mediterranean coast of France. Bandol produces red and rosé wines mainly from the Mourvèdre grape, with Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah making up the rest of the blends. A small amount of white Bandol is also produced but is rarely seen. Because it features a high percentage of the somewhat astringent Mouvèdre varietal, red Bandol tends to be full-bodied, high in acid, and somewhat tannic.

Pair Bandol with full-flavored red meat or game that has been grilled or roasted, and earthy vegetables and herbs such as wild mushrooms and thyme baked in parchment. Bandol rosé is an excellent accompaniment to bouillabaisse and other fish and shellfish.

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Bandol pairs well with:

Game Meats


Calif./Mediterr. cuisine

Foods cooked via Roast/Bake

Fatty dishes