Randy Caparoso offers more thoughts on red wine with fish


Randy Caparoso, my colleague at Sommelier Journal and proprietor of Wine List Consulting Unlimited in Denver, just posted an excellent note on Facebook on a topic that’s already stirred a bit of controversy on our young blog here at WineToMatch.com.

Anyone who followed the discussion I had with Tom S. back in July knows that I’m not a great fan of red wine with fish, particularly tannic red wine, but this article makes some terrific suggestions on how to prepare fish so that it is red wine friendly. One of my favorite excerpts is Randy’s observations about glass shapes, something I’ve never given much thought to but is extremely important:

“One final suggestion before I dive into specifics: if you do indeed enjoy red wines that emphasize softer tannins, more subtle balance and intricate perfumes rather than powerful singularities, you might want to invest in large round, bowl shaped “Burgundy” glasses (at least 15, going up to 22 ounces). These glasses (as opposed to more elongated, tulip shaped “Bordeaux” glasses) not only provide more inside surface area for fragrances to emanate from, but they also have a tendency to drop the taste of wine closer to the tip of the tongue where your taste buds sensitive to sweetness are concentrated. When you taste from tulip shaped wine glasses, on the other hand, wine falls on the middle of the tongue, closer to where taste buds sensitive to bitterness (hence, the tannins of red wine) are located.”

posted on September 19 2009 by jesse

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