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WineToMatch - THE VIDEO - Wine & Food pairing from a Master Sommelier

posted on May 15 2010 by jesse

What is WineToMatch anyway?!!! WineToMatch is a sophisticated iPhone app designed by a Master Sommelier to give you wine suggestions for your next meal! Download it now on iTunes! Many thanks to Elizabeth for her excellent “hand acting”. Also, a big thanks to YoungCarson3000 and The Sandwich Technique for their musical contribution: Heat 4 Illuminate!

WineToMatch gets some blogger love from

posted on May 12 2010 by jesse

Wine writer, Rich Ciccotelli, over at gave a us some love on a recent post. There’s lots of exciting changes happening here at WineToMatch, some of which you may have already noticed: 1. As Rich noted, “[WineToMatch] is a quick and easy way to get in the right ballpark”. With our unique “cloud” of wine recommendations, getting in the “right ballpark” has always been our intent and it’s true that several wines might pair just fine with the same dish. We’ve received a lot of great response from our users about this and we’ve been really pleased with how our pairing engine has been performing, but behind the scenes we’ve been quietly tweaking the cloud to give you evermore precise pairings, emphasizing the one or two wines we believe will give you the very best pairing experience! 2. We’ve been adding even more wines to our data base! You may have already noticed several new Italian wines (I’ll be posting about our new Tuscan selections soon) and we have many, many more in store!  3. Our partners at have recently improved their query engine which we’ve now fully implemented into the WineToMatch iPhone app and Our wine recommendations our now sorted daily from’s vast inventory, using the highest standards that we set ourselves, providing you with a selection of wines that we know you’ll enjoy! And last but not least, 4. look for the brand new “name this dish” and social networking features in the coming days! You’ll be helping us improve WineToMatch by naming the the dish you’re preparing! You’ll then be able to announce the dish and our wine recommendations to your friends and followers via Facebook and Twitter! Now that’s some exciting stuff!

Bud Break: Vintage 2010 begins

posted on April 3 2010 by jesse

Bud Break
This head-trained Zinfandel vine was already well on its way when I snapped this photo in Cloverdale, California on March 31, 2010.

A Wine to Match Butternut Squash Soup

posted on February 26 2010 by jesse

butternut squash soup
The immersion blender is an essential tool for making delicious puréed soups.

This post pretty much wrote itself! From our Facebook Fan Page February 25, 2010:
WineToMatch:  makin’ butternut squash soup 2nite, w/aged balsamic + croutons. thinking good sangio (like Montevertine good) for wine. any other thoughts?
Joy Lindholm Patton: I made a Mediterranean-influenced butternut squash soup a few weeks ago with ginger, cardamom and rosewater - it was unbelievable with a Gewurztraminer from Alsace.
Paul Bacino: Geez.. I would be more inclined to have a white wine?
Sandy Lemke: Pinot Gris
WineToMatch: I like all those ideas. Gonna’ try Alsatian Pinot Gris side-by-side Chianti. forgot to mention crumbled pancetta so we might be on the edge of a red wine prep. I will report back!
WineToMatch: Joy…that soup sounds insane! love those flavors!
Frederic Ballario: Montlouis Les Tuffeaux 05 Chidaine
WineToMatch: Fred, you sent that just in time. Changed to Chidaine just before I got the the register @FPWM!
Caleb James Lorensen: how long is the balsamic aged?
Caleb James Lorensen: joy…i need the recipe!!!!!!!!!
WineToMatch: First time ever, skipped the pancetta and went for the white wine. Happy to report 2007 François Chidaine Montlouis “Clos du Breuil” is a lovely wine to match Butternut squash soup with aged balsamic!

Puréed butternut squash soup garnished with aged balsamic vinegar and homemade croutons was perfect with this Loire Valley Chenin Blanc.

This delicious soup is easy to make. Just cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds and set them aside. Cut each half into quarters and steam them until fork tender (about 30 minutes), then allow the squash to cool. Sweat some minced shallot or onion in butter in a dutch oven, then add the reserved seeds. Once fragrant add about six cups of water and simmer. Strain into a bowl then pour back into the dutch oven. Scoop the flesh of the squash from its skin and add to the dutch oven. Purée this with a immersion blender until smooth. Mount with cream and butter and season to your taste with salt, pepper, nutmeg, and cayenne. The way you garnish this soup will dramatically change the wine pairing. With the addition of sautéed swiss chard and crumbled bacon I can easily see this being an excellent soup to pair with a sangiovese-based red wine like Chianti Classico or Barbera. Another approach is to play up the sweetness and crumble a little amaretto cookie and add a little cinammon. In that instance, I’d probably start thinking about a rich, textural white like Alsatian Pinot Gris. This version, with homemade croutons and a drizzle of balsamico, was spot-on with a delicious, dry Chenin Blanc from the Loire. Thanks Facebook Fans!

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