About Us

Our passion is pairing wine with food!

WineToMatch was founded in 2008 to help wine lovers quickly and easily get expert wine pairing recommendations for the meals they eat at home or in restaurants. Our goal was to leap-frog all of the other wine pairing applications on the web and for the iPhone in terms of complexity, user-friendliness and accuracy. We are honored to have Jesse Becker, MS—one of only 156 certified Master Sommeliers in the world—as our partner and Master Sommelier. Jesse’s hard work developing the “brain” of our application is the reason we are confident that ours is the world’s finest wine pairing application.

After months of hard work, we are releasing the first version of what we believe is the most sophisticated wine pairing algorithm ever designed. Among our many pioneering features is our “cloud” wine pairing recommendations, which visually shows which types of wine are stronger pairs relative to others, letting users make the ultimate decision about which wine to choose.

Over the coming months and years, we will be adding even more features to enhance the accuracy and user-friendliness of our wine and food pairing application. Believe it or not, even version 1.0 is designed to produce over 75 billion unique pairings...we hope your next pairing from us is a winner!